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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 28, 2009 17:12 Flag

    United v Barca...dont cry redback mkII

    Barca were by far the better side, they outclassed United in virtually every department. The second half was almost like a training session for the Spanish team, they passed the ball around fluently & intelligently whilst United chased shadows and picked up bookings. Fair play to SAF he tried to change the play and break down the opposition but Barca seemed to have an answer to every move he made. The United players looked beaten before the final whistle which surprised me, I would have thought they would have defended their title with a little more resistance, but in the end they lacked their trade mark clinical passing & finishing.
    In fact it almost seemed to me that United foolishly thought it was their "right" to win last night and only needed to show up on the night to take home the trophy.
    Of course It would have been great for a British team to have won the final, and to have achieved the dream of being the first side to have retained the "new" Champions league, but at least we wont have to endure the sickening smugness of their supporters for a while hey ?

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    • Yes Doug ..... the clean sheets are a welcome sight too.

    • Sod him!

      Nice to see Boro baging the goals preseason.....Will the rich vain of form continue??

    • Phew... that's certainly telling him Doug

    • You are a mug for punishment. So here we go.

      As has already been mentioned, it took you a while to re-inflate your ego and dare to post back but you finally grew some balls and gave it an attempt. So on this i congratulate you.

      You posted more than your usual four lines. I must have got to you. Never mind, it was to be expected.

      Aside from yourself I don’t think there is a supporter in the country that would not put our chairman in the top three chairmen in the country for support and commitment to the club and to the region. So that's an uneducated insult at best. Highlighting your desperate need to insult us even on the weakest of arguments. But this is what we have come to expect of you.

      Blind insults from someone who knows very little about football.

      But at least your parents have a nice house in Kent and you have at least seen where Manchester is on the map and bought a shirt which you proudly wear around school. You cannot be from Manchester as you would actually support Citeh.

      You see not everyone supports a club because they are winning stuff at the moment. If you had not noticed football clubs are named after towns, they refer to the factory teams that sporned them or even in some cases the day of the week they played.
      (pop quiz can you give an example of each one? There's a cookie for you if you get all 3 right)

      See if you were a genuine Man u fan you would not post in the style that you do because you would remember the tough times that your club has had.

      As for chairmen, were you one of the man u fans who said they would not support the club after the American buy out, but then forgot this promise 2 weeks later when the dust settled? Were you even a supporter when this buyout happened or was it Chelsea that you supported in year 8?

      Going back to footballing knowledge - could you point out for me when Southgate had his moment? And I am not referring to penalties!

      Whilst it is sad to see Sunderland in the league above us we can draw hope from the fact we have not broken their lowest point total and it has taken them 2 buyouts to stay up! I wish them well and look forward to beating them next season.

      Going back to rival clubs. How do you view Citeh's spending? It dwarfs yours and will do for many years to come. Your ability to keep top stars has gone, your ability to be one of the top 2 clubs in the world has gone, your manager who has brought so much success is on his last legs, 2 more seasons max, your debt is piling up, and some fans consistently demonstrate their lack of class and footballing knowledge. Roy "the man u legend" Keane includes the home fans in this. And you got humped in the Champ league final. Yours is a team in decline. Lose Tevez and Ronaldo and get a french crock youth player, a no name from Senegal, Owen and a player from Wigan. Hardly like for like replacements. Why? Oh yeah, you can't!

      Time for you to support Chelsea again isn’t it?

      Prem top 6 next year

      Man u
      Man Citeh

    • It seems to have taken you nearly six weeks to reply to Doug's post, has it taken you all this long to think up a reply or has matron only just let you play with the computer again. You really should eat your greens like a good boy you know, it avoids all the unpleasantness on being deprived of privileges.

    • Players come and go buddy.
      Makes good headline on ya fish and chips wrapper.
      But you lost players to.
      But whilst Man United are STILL English champion, You are gonna suffer in the Championship.
      Dont be surprised if by January you are mid table or worse.
      And you are welcome to slag off Ronaldo to your hearts content now.
      Your bigest problems lays in your chairman and manager.
      Southgate has had his moment.
      Been there, did bugger all.
      Gibson still gonna back him?
      Im so please its Sunderland who are now the only North East club in the Premiership.
      Oooooo, thats a nice word, think I'll say it again.

      P R E M I E R S H I P

      Later scumbag.

    • For sure it bothers me. See humility.

      Can't you admit CR and Tevez wanting out bothers you? You haven't in any of your other posts. You just try to ignore it.

      The player who your manager made the best player in the world, wanted out and could not even give a flying rats #$%$ about the club who he is leqaving cos his first love was always Madrid. Does not bother you? #$%$ off....

      Would you rather have CR commited and wanting to play for you or 80m? I know what Madrid think ahahahahahhah

    • I didnt cry.
      Unlike you sad saps.
      Man Utd played one bad game against Barcalona whilst you bunch of nob jockies played bad all season.
      Dont expect to bounce straight back into the Premiership, why? Robbo is there to carry you bunch of no hopers.

    • Yeah.
      United got whooped by Barca and far do's to them.
      They were more hungry than us.
      lol @ you Boro lot.
      to think, whilst you are having a go just remember one thing.
      You're in the Championship next season.
      Now thats funny.


    • I normally don't get involved in personal taunts at other teams and other supporters failures be they on the field of play or here on the message boards but on this occasion that little t**t fully deserves everything that every football fan on this site can throw at him.

      He came on here derizing Boro's performances, laughing stupidly at comments made and comments he was making (always the sign of a delueded inbred) so f**k him and all the other Manure fans that showed little sympathy for Boro's plight. Manure got EXACTLY what they deserved from last nights game....a complete and total humiliation from a better organised, better structured, better skilled and better managed footballing team. Barca showed the way to play the game and Manure didn't know and were incapable of responding to this fact.

      The old saying's are the best....people who live in greenhouses shouldn't throw stones or he who laughs last laughs loudest or what goes around comes around. My own personal favourite though is......F**k off you stupid little T**t and keep your childish, immature, worthless, pointless, pathetic comments to your own board, I'd love to see you stand in the middle of Middlesbrough town centre and make those statements you hide behind a computer screen and say...the cost of an Ambulance back to Manchester is bloody expensive...W****r!!!!!