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  • Deano Deano May 28, 2009 17:38 Flag

    United v Barca...dont cry redback mkII

    I normally don't get involved in personal taunts at other teams and other supporters failures be they on the field of play or here on the message boards but on this occasion that little t**t fully deserves everything that every football fan on this site can throw at him.

    He came on here derizing Boro's performances, laughing stupidly at comments made and comments he was making (always the sign of a delueded inbred) so f**k him and all the other Manure fans that showed little sympathy for Boro's plight. Manure got EXACTLY what they deserved from last nights game....a complete and total humiliation from a better organised, better structured, better skilled and better managed footballing team. Barca showed the way to play the game and Manure didn't know and were incapable of responding to this fact.

    The old saying's are the best....people who live in greenhouses shouldn't throw stones or he who laughs last laughs loudest or what goes around comes around. My own personal favourite though is......F**k off you stupid little T**t and keep your childish, immature, worthless, pointless, pathetic comments to your own board, I'd love to see you stand in the middle of Middlesbrough town centre and make those statements you hide behind a computer screen and say...the cost of an Ambulance back to Manchester is bloody expensive...W****r!!!!!

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