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  • kht20 kht20 Jun 5, 2009 21:06 Flag

    Lamb admits Boro had wrong blend (news item)

    Well done Mr Lamb for being big enough to admit the­ mistakes or last season, although Boro have struggled for the past few years. However what about an apology to the loyal­ fanbase who paid for season tickets either from their­ hard earned salaries and wages or who took out loans to turn up week after week to watch defeat after­ defeat or at best a draw. On various message boards,­ including this one, posting after posting put forward­ this very argument that the team and indeed the­ manager was too inexperienced to survive. As to next­ season, I really do wish Boro well and hope they are­ promoted at the first attempt, but I will not be­ investing in a season ticket until I see the team­ string together a sequence of winning matches away and­ at home. I am sorry Messrs Gibson and Lamb, but my­ money stays in my pocket until then. Together with my­ son, I bought a ticket last year and travelled 140­ miles to watch each home game in good faith only to­ drive home after the match disillusioned and­ demoralised listening to Southgate trotting out the­ same platitudes each time about 'couldn't fault­ the effort', 'lessons learned' etc. I too am­ sure a number of players will move on and some would­ say good riddance, but, if those who do move had an­ ounce of professional pride and even one thought for­ the supporters they would stay and fight to gain­ promotion and save their self respect, even if it did­ mean a cut in wages.