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  • kht20 kht20 Jun 11, 2009 19:32 Flag

    Ross Turnbull

    Seems like a boy in too much of a hurry, look what happened to Joe Hart. One minute hitting the headlines the next warming the bench and now on his way to Birmingham. Goalkeepers need to learn their craft, positioning and how to read a game etc. Still newspapaer talk is he is off the Chelsea, I suppose its better to warm the bench at a top four Premiership club than a Championship one.

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    • Ross Turnbull proved himself at the start of last season and after one bad game southgate replaces him with brad jones, i really do not understand this and are sure this highly contributed to borough`s relegation, southgate is fast becoming a joke letting schwarzer go last season who had already proved himself to be one of the top goalkeepers in the premier league and now by coming very close to losing another, anyway good luck to Ross Turnbull in wherever his future lies and i hope that southgate comes to his senses very quickly.