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  • Thanks CJ,

    Midfield has been a worry for the last two seasons, GS didn't fancy Boateng, OK, he was getting on, but he was still fit and relished a good scrap, but he replaced him with a lightweight midfielder/striker (Emnes) and a WIP hardman (Digard).

    Digard could be good, but needs time to settle into the more physical side of the English game and if we stay in the Championship for more than a season, he will be off.

    We do need another Cat, I know he had his off field issues, but he still gave 110% when on the pitch, shame some of the higher paid "stars" didn't show the same commitment, otherwise we would be planning another Prem campaign.

    With a team of over paid under-achievers, in a strong toy league, in a new kit that resembles an 80's disco shirt, I worry we won't go anywhere.

    Hopefully this new Welsh goalie he has signed, can show Jones (Don't panic, don't panic) how to command his area and put his boot up players who are just stood watching set pieces come in, then we might have a chance.

    Up the Boro