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  • Michael Michael Jun 9, 2009 03:01 Flag

    Ross Turnbull

    So Ross has put in a Transfer Request,after he did his part in Downing the Club.

    Two Words

    Good Ridance

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    • Southgate has managed to get rid of all of the best the Boro had, just a pity Gareth won't Jump and Gibbo won't push him!

    • So Danny Coyne, the 'new'?? 35 year old goalkeeper signed on a free transfer from Real Tranmere is saying he is going to compete for the No.1 goalkeeping spot. Well I doubt he is going to find that difficult. First Boro let one of the best goalkeepers in the EPL if not the world leave ,and then they let a great prospect and replacement for the future also leave, both for nothing. Any defender will tell you that to have a talented and experienced keeper behind you gives you so much confidence. Perhaps thats why Boro let in so many silly goals from set pieces last season.

    • Your a plonker, name two bad games that ross turnbull had, he didn`t it was all brad jones

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      • I went to the masterclass that was a Chelsea team putting 5 past him, at least 3 of which were directly his fault, bad positioning, lack of authority in the area, failing to marshalling the defence/wall in front of him at set pieces, I could go on.

        Like it's been said on here in other posts, he is a young man in too much of a hurry, he should wait his turn, put in the graft and earn a place in the team, not expect it, just because Schwartzer left. Maybe he will come good one day, but for now, imo, not up to Premiership standards.

        I hope his wife has some tweezers for next season, so she can get the splinters out of his ass for all the bench warming he is going to be doing.

        Unless Cech cracks his bonce again, he won't get any outings apart from the odd cup games against lower division opponents, when Cech fancies a night off.

        As for Brad Jones, we should have thrown him in on the free transfer also, as they were both as bad as each other last season and took us down with their inept displays.

        We need an experienced keeper, a goal scorer, who knows where the goal is and has his own banjo, along with a manager who knows what he is doing.

        GS seems to have started as he left off, this new signing Yeates, he normally plays left wing and scores 15+ goals a season and you guessed it, GS wants him on the right or behind the front two?????

        Looks like another class in "Don't know what the hell I am doing" in the Championship this coming year, god help us!!!

        Up the 'Boro

    • Seems like a boy in too much of a hurry, look what happened to Joe Hart. One minute hitting the headlines the next warming the bench and now on his way to Birmingham. Goalkeepers need to learn their craft, positioning and how to read a game etc. Still newspapaer talk is he is off the Chelsea, I suppose its better to warm the bench at a top four Premiership club than a Championship one.

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      • Ross Turnbull proved himself at the start of last season and after one bad game southgate replaces him with brad jones, i really do not understand this and are sure this highly contributed to borough`s relegation, southgate is fast becoming a joke letting schwarzer go last season who had already proved himself to be one of the top goalkeepers in the premier league and now by coming very close to losing another, anyway good luck to Ross Turnbull in wherever his future lies and i hope that southgate comes to his senses very quickly.

    • Hey, maybe one of my two supporting clubs, Burnley or Inverness Caledonian Thistle could go for him hahahahahahaha.