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  • kht20 kht20 Jul 2, 2009 20:59 Flag

    Championship Mid Table

    All I have seen so far is a player purchased, and apart from a squad player no one has left or for that matter have we even seen a bid. So what do you define as a high earner? Compared to Newcastle players, Boro players were paid a pittance (relatively speaking). Keith Lamb has said Boro don't need or want to sell anyone although he concedes some players might want to leave. It has to be admitted that playing in the Championship would be just too much for some players egos even though it was down to them that Boro ended up there. I think an average gate for a Boro home match in the Championship will be around 20-22,000 and I don't think many will travel far to support them on a regular basis.
    Now... Boro are in the Championship, it is going to be difficult to get out in one season, we are probably going to lose a few 'name' players, and they will not get the crowds they used to... anything else you want to whinge about?

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    • Your mixing up reality with whinging, kht. Whingeing doesn't come into the equation---and nobody can criticize Gibson for what he's done for the Boro, the guy's been fantastic for the club.
      Getting back to my point of view at the turn of the year though, still say if the Boro wanted to stay up Southgate should have gone then.

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      • Thats the only fault SG has made, keeping GS on instead of having the balls to get rid of him.

        GS said he inherited Mac's squad, and needed to change them in order to take Boro forward, well Mac's mob kept us up for a couple of years, when GS tried to mould his own team, with his bunch of wasters, slackers and money grabbers, we failed and went down.

        Mac was poor, but he achieved more than GS will ever do.

        Until SG gets rid of GS, the rumours of wanting to go down to balance the books and looking to sell will persist.

        He has been fantastic for the club, but it's time to #$%$ or get off the pot in terms of spending money on players who have the desire to achieve and a manager who knows what he is doing