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    Our defence needs you

    Who would replace them ?

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    • Well the press reports say BoBo Last pay cheque Balde. I am not sure we will bring in any player this window that costs money apart from Rob Hulse.

      It is really disappointing to see Huth leave especailly considering the start to the season we have had and his performances. Bloody typical Boro. Is never fit for us, finally hits a vein of form, then buggers off!

      I had Huth down as a player who would leave this window and its only the great start we have had that is making everyone so worried about his departure. The problem being is we have lots of other players who could have played in the middle at the back (not that they stay fit, Riggs and Bates and Poggi) so it is an area we could lose a player. It's just gutting that he is going.

      6m is the reported fee and is also our outlay for the player so at least for once we have got our money back on a player!

      Tuncay everyone knew whould be off so, no loss there. Stoke though!!!?? Plenty of disrespect, surely he could do better and a bigger club would be interested?

      Alves - no need for any comment. 7m is the reported fee from oil money middle east united. I am amazed that we would get so much money! a 7m loss seems like great business!

      Alalalalalalaladaire - I wish he would miss off. One of the best products from France Claire Fontaine school of football - clearly they did not have shooting practise at school.

      Turncoat - left for first team football - at Chelski! You're having a laugh.

      Those who came in:

      Coyne: was worried by a league one 35 year old has been - what a revaltion. Good signing

      Yeates: another one who has sparkled

      Lita: was worried by the bad boy tag, its not like Mido was well managed, but hopefully he will score plenty, great goal the other day!

      Those who may go:

      Shawky: &uck off, you`re not wanted anyway. Go play with Mido.

      Taylor: Takes loads of stick and was used as a scape goat. press say 2m departure. watch this space sold as 9m wonder full back sold next season with no sell on fee for Boro

      Walker: CM not wanted at Boro?????? Crazy stuff. Digard, ONeil and Bates all out sick and the club want to sell him???? we need a CM if not 2 so why kick yet another one out? Another Catts in the making, I bet sold for 500k, in 3 years sold for 15m breaking into England first team, no Boro sell on fee!

      Webber linked as a done deal as soon as one of our strikers is sold. great 4 goals last season. Just as good as Alves! Another striker who cannot score, just what we need!! But at least he is free. Nothing like saving pennies on players.

      The optimistic start to the season is wearing thin with the Forest loss and Huth leaving.

      Hope there are no more departures (Alves & Shawky aside) and a good win against the &hitheads on the weekend to improve morale.

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      • Good analysis as usual Doug. I understand Huth's ankle was similar to Ledley King's knee. Evidently he was pumped up with painkiller to play. If that's the case it was a good sale. After all why would Chelsea let him leave for £6m if he was sound? If Alves doesn't leave by Monday, he better get himself ready for some action, who knows he might be a revelation in the Championship, but we desperately need a front target man to hold up the play and lay it off in or out of the box Viduka style. Lita is not that type of player.
        Tuncay going is a shame but he was on £65k a week apparently. But watching him against Doncaster he was getting more and more frustrated throwing his arms up in the air at the bench, shouting at his teammates and finally running like a mad man at the opposing player with the ball with no hope of getting it.

        I'd hate to see Walker and Taylor go they can't be on much of a wage relatively speaking and supposedly Boro don't need the money. I think we need a statement from Gibson....apart from Alves NO MORE SALES!!. Will we get it? Excuse me whilst I look out of the window for any porcine aerobatics.

        I was not disappointed to lose at Forest and I won't be sorry to see Boro out of the FA cup quickly either. Boro have 46 games to get through this season and we need players fit being as we have a small squad experience wise. We don't need players out through injury and extra games will not help. Let Boro concentrate on getting back at the first attempt.
        Incidentally I heard that when Juventus were relegated a couple of years ago, all the players took a 50% pay cut for two years to get back up again. Shame Boro players didn't think of doing that.