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  • LEE LEE Aug 29, 2009 03:59 Flag

    Sale of two stars

    Is southgate a complete mug selling two of the players that may have made the return to the top flight a lot smother, but no yet again the Boro get rid of two stars, i have been a Boro fan through thick and thin but i can not belive that we needed to sell these two players, we now have to rely on two players that are prone to injuires in pogie and riggot. I think that Southgate is trying set it up to blame someone else when we fail to produce the goods!!!!!

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    • Prone to injuries?? and Huth has never been injured then???

      Its all about balancing the books. We lose £30 million for relegation in TV money ALONE, never mind reduced advertising revenue etc. We've recouped 23 million in transfer fees and cut about 8 million per year off the wage bill with the sales so far.

      I'm far from happy either, but don't see what else GS could do, his hands are tied by the finances surrounding relegation.

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      • Thers no denying they have gone on the cheap, and theres no prospect of incoming 'help' I tend to think that Southgaff has written this season off and is going to blame lack of funds for no promotion ( if he lasts that long). As for less income from advertising we are now on apar with B the Synners for advertising in the ground, now we have gone back to boards all round the pitch and a scoreboard you can only read in thre dark - fans still shortchanged with both the team and all else