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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Sep 2, 2009 17:42 Flag

    Sale of two stars

    I agree, the local lads should be given a chance, if we go up great..if not we will be better prepared next season. Letting go the likes of Tuncay & Huth will give the younger lads a chance to shine, what they need is first team games under their belts something that wasn't happening last season.

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    • I can't see what the problem is about the exodus of so called'talent' out of the riverside .......
      1st ..they weren't good enough to keep us in the BPL
      2nd ..we made about 30 million net
      3rd ..we ditched probably our top 5 mega wage earners..

      what service would we have got if they'd stayed!!....Huth said it was a no brainer to go to Stoke!!!!!!! ..mido took a pay cut to leave..alves would rather play in the desert..good riddance...

      I'd rather concentrate on what's left If digard and o'neil get back in tandem I can't see any championship team living with us in midfield ..Southgate needs to get a striker in on loan ..marlon king? sturridge?...if he doesnt get that area sorted then he deserves stick!!! ...not now..