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  • mr gibson please get rid of southgate before he takes us further down the table and us boro fans a good manager for a change you its in the best interest for this club southgate is making us a laughing stock out of the championship we need a manager to take us back to the prem league

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    • seems you have got your wish
      Gibson is to me the problem he has not ever appointed a half decent manager Robson Maclaren and now Southgate

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      • An interesting point Alex, one however unfortunatlely I believe is flawed....Management of a football club is not down to one indivudual, it is about a team pulled together with the right skill sets to educate, motivate and train the players you have at your disposal to achieve the goals which you believe are attainable by your club....MFC will never be a MUFC unfortunatley as we do not have the financial backing to make us such. We have a tremendous youth academy set up which is providing us a plethera of top championship players, however the next set up is not a small set and only the right combination on the board and in the management team can achieve such. Your manager is your media focal point and front man but it is the people on his shoulder which are happy to let someone take the lime light who truely matter, youth team coaches through to first team coaches need to have experience and drive to want to achieve the clubs vision and not take it as another 'job'..or pay packet. The football profession is a priviledge yet cut throat industry and we (the sky subscriber and/or season ticket holder) deserve respect from clubs....little which is shown by the big business world of the top level of the premiership. Sentimental..hell yes but a club the size of that typically in the lower premier or championship needs the loyality of the local support.