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  • kht20 kht20 Oct 20, 2009 18:22 Flag

    Where is it going wrong

    I think the main problem now is motivation, getting the players to believe in themselves. The players seem to wilt in front of their home crowd yet with no pressure away from home they turn it on. Make no mistake the fault lies with the manager. I guess now in the Championship, Boro can't afford the cost of a Sports Psychologist so it has to be down to the manager and the backroom staff to provide the motivation. Boro no longer have a talismanic player who can perform a bit of magic and turn the game in an instant so the motivation has to come from the dressing room. Wheater, great and loyal lad that he is, is no captain yet, Boro need someone who can inspire as well as organise. Someone who, when the heads go down after conceding a goal, can lift the players. Finally Boro need a manager who can make the players believe they are the greatest ever to have laced a boot. Southgate was a good organiser on the pitch and this is a worthy attribute he has taken to the dugout, but he does not inspire in the way, Strachan, O'Neil, Morinho or Ferguson does, Remember Clough and the teams he inspired to greatness without massive star players, even when he was #$%$.