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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Oct 26, 2009 23:26 Flag

    About Bloody Time

    Hey up Davey lad, wise words as usual. I reckon some of our players could benefit from a swift kick in the #$%$ from a feisty Scottish dwarf, at least he will have more touchline presence than Southgate..who most times showed as much fire as a glass of water. Yes it can be argued that his track record is nothing to shout about..but at least he HAS been around the track a few times and hopefully we will benefit from his previous experiences at Coventry, Southampton etc.
    As for our fans..Cant blame them not turning up after being stuffed 5 nil by West Brom and then having to listen to GS talking about "taking positives away from that defeat" and "showing that we can move on" Southgate had a fair chance, 3 years in fact when many Chairmen would have sacked him long ago.
    It is the fans that ultimately pay players wages and keep the club running so its good to see Gibson listening to public opinion.
    Good comeback from your mob on Saturday btw.