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  • kht20 kht20 Oct 27, 2009 17:41 Flag

    About Bloody Time

    For the sake of the supporters, the players, the manager, and the media, Steve Gibson needs to publically state unequivocably " We do not need to sell any players to finance any new players coming in in January. No players will leave Boro unless they are surplus to our requirements and our objective of securing promotion this season". We do not need clubs such as Wigan and Everton, to name but two, unsettling Adam Johnson and he in particular needs to be told, as was Downing, there is no possibility of you leaving until June at the earliest.

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    • He really doesn't seem to be the full shilling.
      Another comment he made " I was too surprised to say anything when Steve told me - looking back now I should have said we are only 1 point behind Newcastle".
      Ah well now you'll have the baloney and bluster from wee Ginger to entertain you