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  • R R Oct 23, 2009 01:10 Flag

    Moving Backwards

    Why appoint Strachen who could not keep Coventry in the premiership and did not get Southampton promoted. As for managing Celtic the SPL is not even championship standard. Curbishley is the man for the job and I am a West Brom fan

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    • Couldn't agree more - Strachan has done nothing and is full of wind and #$%$. This appointment will only consolidate your long term position in the lower leagues.
      I think Gareth Southgate should take over at Celtic now win a few dozen trophies in the SPL to get his confidence back.

    • Curbishley turned the job down twice, and I can't see Steve Gibson asking a third time. Southgate is a decent guy, a good ambassador for football and in many ways I am sad he has gone, but he has and there's an end to it. Strachan was my first thought, with plenty of club experience as a player and manager. I think he will be breath of fresh air to Boro. He and Martin O'Neal, another possible manager to turn Gibson down, are similar in their passion and enthusiasm. With a war-chest from SG lets see who he can bring in in January