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  • David David Nov 18, 2009 03:05 Flag

    Dear oh dear... what IS happening

    Give the weeman time........he will get it right i would take him back in a minute........hail hail 1 gordon strachan never forgotten 3 in a row and last 16 of cl 2 seasons running god bless you weeman youll never walk alone gordon

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    • Looks like he's starting his own clone of ginger nuts.

    • Sorry David, But SPL counts for nothing. Strachan d was replaced by Tony Mowbray who guided WBA to the bottom place of the EPL. Yet you can guarantee he will will a bagful of trophies........ I remember Jocky Wallace after he had been sacked from the Scotland job was asked by a reported who should take over from him. Jocky replied " They should go for the best!". If I'd been the reporter I would have asked
      " Why should they start doing that now Jocky when they've never done it before"?
      As you know Jocky went on to manage Preston North End and was never heard of again

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      • I think you are missing the point here kwj200. OK, so Strachan hasn't held a managers job at one of the top clubs in the EPL, but he has learned his craft or served his 'apprenticeship' at a couple of English clubs before moving to the top job in Scottish football where he won trophies and enjoyed some if limited European experience. Southgate had absolutely no experience at managing anywhere and the EPL is not the league to cut one's managerial teeth on. Strachan knows what is is like to win, he is used to dealig with players as a manager and irrespective of his methods he can motivate. Southgate had lost a big section of the crowd, some would say he never quite had them, and his judgement at times was suspect. Strachan will not make elementary mistakes and he should command the respect of players as a gaffer not a mate from the changing room. He has some quite hard tasks ahead, in getting Boro winning at home and on the road and therefore climbing up the table to challenge for promotion. He has to convince Johnson and perhaps a couple of others their immediate future is at Boro. He needs to attract and get the funding for a top striker and a creative midfield player. One thing I think has probably changed, and that is Gibson will not be so patient from hereon in. Lets give the guy a chance, what he has done or hasn't done is irrelevant, its what he does at Boro that counts.