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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Dec 1, 2009 19:41 Flag

    Dear oh dear... what IS happening

    Get used to mediocrity ?.....Like we are accustomed to greatness ???
    Boro have done well for themselves in the last ten years or so when you take into consideration the population of Teesside, funds available etc.
    Many of us remember the gates being locked in 1985 when the club went under, but we came back from that and went on to out-perform many, so called 'bigger' teams for years.
    We will be back again one day, maybe not this year or next, but rest assured we will be back with Strachan or without him, until then I can put up with mediocrity...can you Alan?

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    • I'm not sure where you are going with this one CJ, you seemed to be resigned to years in the wilderness. If Boro are not promoted this season or at least next, I can't see it happening at all, and I am NOT prepared to pay out good, hard earned money for mediocrity. Newcastle couldn't win an argument last season. West Brom beat Boro twice, but still finished below Boro, yet look at both teams now.... flying!! I don't believe Boro have enough players that either believe or care enough to get promotion. Some players seemed to be of the opinion that they will move as soon as the transfer window opens, whereas at Newcastle the players are so embarrassed to be in the Championship they are grafting for an inexperienced fifth choice manager and the worst Chairman in football to get out of it. Yo yo club West Brom have players who have been in the Championship before and know how to graft to get out of it even if they are likely to come down again in a season or two. I think Gibson is going to have authorise and finance some big signings either from the EPL or divisions below in January to turn Boro around. Has he the funds to do this? Unless Boro sign some midfield craft and some goal hungry forwards I can see mediocrity being the future for some time to come, but I for one will not be paying for it.

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      • I just think we need some time to get a stronger squad together, like you say sign some decent midfielder players and forwards who can create the goals we need. Most worrying, our habit of conceding goals in the last few minutes has to be addressed. We do have some quality defenders, but when we had players like Boateng & Cattermole they would win the ball and break up an opponents attack before they had a chance to threaten our goal, at the moment we give the ball away far too easily and there needs to be players who can get stuck in and win it back. In a nutshell our midfield is far too weak, we need a Roy Keane or a Robbie Savage.
        Whether Strachan is manager or not is irrelevant, until we solve these fundamental problems we are where we are.

    • Remember 85 because your guys played a few games at the Victoria Ground. Also some great times under Brian Robson, but Steve Gibson should have moved him on sooner, same as Southgate. Just don't see Strachan having the required desire that's all.