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  • tad tad Dec 7, 2009 03:08 Flag

    Dear oh dear... what IS happening

    merson???? are you out of your mind he could not hack it at the boro don,t mention that wimps name on here all he wants to do nower days is slag off the boro
    fair do,s we had a good game on saturday but the team needed the shake up and they are playing like of old we can make it back into the prem but it will be hard work
    the little ginger scot i think is the man who can do it
    the club though are cluching at staws making that stupid offer half your money back "come on mr lamb just reduce the ticket prices untill we get back into the prem if you remember you once quoted
    "I think that we have took as much as we can get from the fan,s " as far as the battle ahead is concerned the fan base is right behind the team and the owner but mr lamb i think it is time to go forth and muliply
    tad and im boro till i die!!!!!