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    Dear oh dear... what IS happening

    OK,,,, so I know its only been two matches, but Boro are going backwards. Boro might well have been in this position if Southgate had stayed at the helm, we'll never know, but what I am sure of is this team is dreadfully short of confidence and Strachan will have to build it back up again. It may be that the team is upset about Southgate, but I doubt it, it may be that a number of them are going to leave and so why risk injury, it may be that they feel under pressure to deliver particulalry at home whatever it is up to Strachan to get to the bottom of it. Finally Boro still have not solved the goal scorer problem on a regular basis, So Mr Strachan, use your international experience and pull in one or two big names who are proven goal scorers and need to play themselves back into their teams initially on loan regardless of cost e.g. Van Nistelrooy. Fanciful??

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    • Strachan was never a good choice, he's like a square peg in a round hole---has no desire left, that's why he took the easy option and came to the Boro.

    • Me neither CJ. Boro will struggle to get into and stay in the play off places unless & until they stop throwing points away at home. Steve Gibson is going to have to spend in January to bring in some quality players capable of getting the team to the top six. At the same time I can see a couple of quality players leaving, but in fairness they haven't been focussed for some time. I can see a clear out too of some dross on free transfers or for very modest sums.
      I was an advocate of Strachan when Southgate was sacked, now I am not sure his heart is in it. He has come out with some really crass and unwise statements recently which do nothing to give the supporters confidence.

    • Jigsaw...I dont think Stanley is a Boro supporter...hence he can see us joining Newcastle at the top...I would guess this is a view NOT shared by anyone from Middlesbrough, after yet another dismal home performance.
      A win against Newcastle would do wonders for our confidence and could get us back into the play-off places..but going on current from, I really cant see that happening.
      Hopefully they will prove me wrong.

    • Stanley: i can see Boro joining Newcastle at the top very shortly

      Doubt it Stanley, your side need to stop getting HAMMERED at home and start winning more games in order to get higher up the table or you'll be in the championship for years to come.

      Some of you lot live in cloud cuckoo land, NUFC and Boro got relegated from the Premiership last season because they are both CRAP.

    • You misunderstand me 'Tad', I was not suggesting he comes back to Boro, only naming him as the type of player Boro could do with now, i.e. a create midfielder who could score goals and lead from the front..

    • Good move getting Strachan in ,and even better teaming Kitson with Lita,i can see Boro joining Newcastle at the top very shortly.

    • merson???? are you out of your mind he could not hack it at the boro don,t mention that wimps name on here all he wants to do nower days is slag off the boro
      fair do,s we had a good game on saturday but the team needed the shake up and they are playing like of old we can make it back into the prem but it will be hard work
      the little ginger scot i think is the man who can do it
      the club though are cluching at staws making that stupid offer half your money back "come on mr lamb just reduce the ticket prices untill we get back into the prem if you remember you once quoted
      "I think that we have took as much as we can get from the fan,s " as far as the battle ahead is concerned the fan base is right behind the team and the owner but mr lamb i think it is time to go forth and muliply
      tad and im boro till i die!!!!!

    • Better get used to mediocrity guys, because this bloke won't change anything.

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      • Get used to mediocrity ?.....Like we are accustomed to greatness ???
        Boro have done well for themselves in the last ten years or so when you take into consideration the population of Teesside, funds available etc.
        Many of us remember the gates being locked in 1985 when the club went under, but we came back from that and went on to out-perform many, so called 'bigger' teams for years.
        We will be back again one day, maybe not this year or next, but rest assured we will be back with Strachan or without him, until then I can put up with mediocrity...can you Alan?

    • Some fair points there KH but for me isn't much different from Southgate who I believe could go to Celtic or Rangers and win a cuboard full of trophies.
      Southgate was found out but only after a lengthy period of bluff and unfortunately I think that not much will change after the Strachan appointment.
      OK. I agree he'll must be given time but at the end of it Mb will be o further forwards and I think he'll go the same way as Gareth after he's exposed or he'll go walkies into retirement.

    • He said in the Sun papers he's in the right place and he know's that the Boro will give him time. Hit the nail on the head he did---he know's he'll be there for at least 3 years of mediocrity or not. Good safe contract---he wouldn't have been my choice.

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