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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Dec 20, 2009 23:56 Flag

    Oh dear...

    ...beaten by the top of the table geordies!

    Whilst poor old Boro are rapidly slipping down the championship table and heading towards league one.

    Bye bye smoggies! :oD

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    • Yes the game today was won by the black and white and easily so....however I am afraid your rose tinted glasses need to be removed as both sides will not survive in the current English Premiership...M'bro are in a terrible state as a consequence of bad buys from the former manager and a lack of quality youth coming through from our current crop....Temporary hired help will never solve your problem as they know they always have another home to return too..we are in trouble but I am not convinced that things will not improve for us and worsen for yourselves as the season progresses...Your problems have not disappeared and are still simmering away in the background...your current team management and coaching staff will not be able to get similar results out of the existing players without some new blood when you go up...

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      • I never said NUFC played well, so I don't know where your rose tinted glasses line sprang from, but nevermind?

        For a club in crisis like NUFC to be sat 10 points clear at the top of fizzy pop league is nothing short of amazing, but the players have got stuck in and deserve to be where they are!

        I'm fully aware of the gulf in quality between the Premiership and the Championship, but it's far more likely that NUFC will return to the Premiership sooner whilst Boro might never return later.

    • Wouldn't get too carried away mate because both teams are shyte.