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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Dec 21, 2009 00:57 Flag

    5 Defeats, 2 draws & 1 win

    Results say it all.....our last manager was sacked after 3 defeats in a row (excluding the derby game)...I have the priviledge of watching the 90mins of the n'castle game from the comfort of my living room and we were blunt and didn't seem to have any ideas...forwards are not team players especially Lita...seemed short of confidence.....my goodnes the only way is up at the moment...but looking at the current squad I can not see where the insperation will come from....there has been many references to Leed utd...but look at Charlton, Southampton and Norwich also..are we to be come one of those has beens once again bouncing between the top 3 divisions...is there a silver lining in the form of another investor on the horizon...?

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    • There were rumours of Gibson selling up to Alastair and Michael Powell, owners of the Cleveland Cable Company, but so far nothing concrete.
      The Newcastle game had some positives, we did have a good go at them, showed plenty of fight, had some good possession, and perhaps deserved better luck with a couple of the refs decisions..but ultimately (and this hurts to admit) the better team won, the quality of their strikers far exceeded ours... we do create plenty of chances and Lita gets in some good positions but he seems far too greedy and should look to pass the ball instead of shooting sometimes. A couple of quality strikers and a strong holding midfielder would help us immensely, lets see if Gibson wants to invest more money.

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      • I hope the rumours have substance CJ, Boro supporters owe an immense debt to Steve Gibson and one which could never be repaid, however it is clear he has not the edge he once had because perhaps of the effect of the economic downturn on his finances or his recent personal domestic issues. May be it is time for some new blood to come into the 'boardroom' and it would be tremendous if it was locally based. I had mused that new investment may come from Indian sources (owners of Corus), but after their decisions concerning the steelworks I'm not sure that would be a good idea from a stability point of view.
        It is clear something is needed in the form of funds and new enthusiam to excite the fans. We all had plenty of laughs at the expense of the Newcastle supporters in recent months, however they are in a a great position now despite a very dodgy owner and a rookie manager. Boro should be in a top league position challenging for automatic promotion, at the current rate they will have difficulty in making the playoffs