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  • kht20 kht20 Mar 2, 2010 16:56 Flag

    timt to get ugly article

    And whilst we are on, lets us abolish child poverty, desease across the world, famine etc etc. I am afraid what you suggest expat_smoggie is just not feasible. JlWebber does make some good points, and he is one of the few commentators on the Boro message board who do consistently. But when it comes to players contracts, they are legal documents and confidential, and in reality would we want them any other way. I read the other day that a now infamous Chelsea player from his reported £170,000 per week actually picked up about £40,000 after tax and NI, paying his agent, pension etc. Now admittedly £40k is still a huge amount of money some would say for kicking a ball around and this income is augmented by off-field sponsorships etc, but its less than 25% of the headline figure. As to Alves and Mido, both were flops in terms of their Boro career, but who chose them, who drafted their contracts, who agreed to the wages, and who agreed to the somewhat ridiculous clauses that allow them to be paid by Boro when not kicking a ball for them. In my opinion Mido should have been brought back and made to fulfill his contract or sacked for misconduct if he refused, agreed, but you cannot blame the players for what is inserted in their contracts, you have to blame the scouts whi first drew the player to the clubs attention, the manager who put his case to buy the player and the senior management for signing the contract.

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    • Players wages has been a contentious issue for a number of years now and I have to say It irritates me to death to see some of the jerks such as Ashley Cole and #$%$ for brains Craig Bellamy conducting themselves the way they do. But sadly it`s supply and demand it`s an economic fact the "market" decides the price and if you want to progress you have no alternative but to pay the going rate.Sadly many club chairmen have sanctioned spending that incurred unsustainable debts.Having said that it seems that a bit of reality appears to be finding it`s way into football. The situation at Portsmouth is a reality check if ever I saw one and what has happened at my club Newcastle is further proof that the days of irresponsible spending are over. Many clubs are now realising that our grannies were right........... they need to cut their coat according to their cloth. Too many chairman have sanctioned too many transfers for players of dubious pedigree on massively inflated salaries,but believe me brothers a change is gonna come. Even Sir Alex F***face at the mighty Manure is beginning to have financial restrictions forced upon him by the Glazer family.Portsmouth are living proof that football clubs cannot survive in the long term if they continually spend more than they earn. . . . . . . SEEMPLES !

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      • How right you are r.p.mcmurphy. Newcastle Utd management is indeed an example of wannabes thinking they are somebodies. With the fantastic, even fanatical support, the club enjoys, Ncle Utd should be a regular top premiership six club, but successive boards have mortgaged everyone's soul but their own in persuit of glory for themselves. It came home to roost last season. Now with an unassuming manager (not a big name) who knows about hard work they are flying.
        Boro on the other hand do not the fanatical support in sufficient numbers and so as your granny says have to cut the coat to suit the cloth. Boro wil never be a 'big' club, but they could win cups, as has been proved and finish in the top half of the EPL table year on year, bringing on young exciting players as has also been proved. But if mercenaries like Viduka, Yakubu etc want to jump ship for bigger wages, let them go.
        Both clubs and their supporters needed a reality check and others will no doubt need to too, we've got our reality checks over and done with and can build for the future.