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  • MALCOLM MALCOLM May 14, 2010 17:54 Flag

    Strachan for Southgate! Big mistake!

    Noo then lads,arlreet like ? Firstly your congratulations are very much appreciated.Secondly you could see us again sooner than you think. Ashley has apparently stated that he will spend nowt on new players,if he means it we could be rogered and back down before you know it. Having said that I believe that our game plan will be to grind out results against the poorer sides in the division and hope that there are at least 3 teams who are worse than us,it could work but it aint gonna be pretty.With regard to your suggested bet kht,I`d dare bet you that both Ashley and Hughton will both not only be there at the beginning of the new season but also at the end of it. Football is changing as we have all said and I for one believe that it will eventually be for the better.............No useless,has been tossers ( Owen Viduka Duff etc etc ) being paid a kings ransom for languishing in the treatment rooms up and down the country,football clubs will cease to be run by those who conduct themselves like drunken sailors in a casino/brothel. The age of financial responsibilty is upon us and we best learn to accept it because it`s gonna be with us for a very long time..........The reality is that solving problems by waving a cheque book is no longer an option for the vast majority of football clubs

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    • Mac.hardy you dont half talk a load of shite,are you wearing your straight jacket ya doughnut.

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      • I think you`ll find your the man when it comes to talking out of ones #$%$ M,dear boy. With regard to wearing a straight jacket I sometimes think it could be a viable option having followed NUFC for longer than I care to remember. In the meantime might I suggest you try making a contribution to this discussion rather than throwing infantile insults around. However, if as I suspect you`re not really here for the purposes of discussion please try to use your imagination and come up with a rant that is a little more entertaining. Kind regards.