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    Strachan for Southgate! Big mistake!

    Sorry but it was terrible mistake sacking Southgate.
    I remember Steve Gibson saying that it was time for a CHANGE at Boro! Yes,we know the CHANGE now,CHANGE the Premier league for the Championship. Boro would have had a much better chance with Southgate. After all it was just 1 bad run that got Boro relegated and it hapened to Newcastle also. Some of the other teams had bad runs also but were lucky(Hull,etc).
    Under Strachan Boro can't win games,draw,draw,draw,etc.
    Great CHANGE Gibson!

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    • eh...what are you on about, southgate was taking the club nowhere, don't get me wrong i like the bloke, but he wasn't the manager middlesbough needed at the time. The timing of sacking southgate was bad but it was what we needed.

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      • Noo then lads,arlreet like ? Firstly your congratulations are very much appreciated.Secondly you could see us again sooner than you think. Ashley has apparently stated that he will spend nowt on new players,if he means it we could be rogered and back down before you know it. Having said that I believe that our game plan will be to grind out results against the poorer sides in the division and hope that there are at least 3 teams who are worse than us,it could work but it aint gonna be pretty.With regard to your suggested bet kht,I`d dare bet you that both Ashley and Hughton will both not only be there at the beginning of the new season but also at the end of it. Football is changing as we have all said and I for one believe that it will eventually be for the better.............No useless,has been tossers ( Owen Viduka Duff etc etc ) being paid a kings ransom for languishing in the treatment rooms up and down the country,football clubs will cease to be run by those who conduct themselves like drunken sailors in a casino/brothel. The age of financial responsibilty is upon us and we best learn to accept it because it`s gonna be with us for a very long time..........The reality is that solving problems by waving a cheque book is no longer an option for the vast majority of football clubs

    • Through gritted teeth I offer Newcastle congratulations on achieving promotion at the first attempt. The ease with which they have achieved it just shows how poor the Championship is and that also illustrates how bad Boro have been and I am afraid continue to be. With a very inexperienced manager, who incidentally I've never seen in a suit, a disinterested owner and a lap dog for a CEO, they have succeeded where Boro have failed miserably and through it all the vast majority of their supporters have turned up week in and week out. What lesson do we learn from this, that good guys, like Steve Gibson, don't always win. However I would like to predict that come the start of the new season, Ashley probably won't be the owner of NUFC and Hughton certainly won't be manager.

    • The bubble has burst and all the big shots have had a reality shock,if any of the minnows in the english lower divisions had the money Chelsea and Man utd man city have had they would be in the mix as well,all the big boys are in dire trouble trying to sustain the pathetic wages big nnames recieve,give it another2 or 3 years and football will be in turmoil and all the big earners will have a reality check.

    • The bubble WILL burst,no ifs or buts about it, it`s just a case of when. Some would say it already has for some clubs,the rest will follow,sure as night follows day.

    • Amen to that! If it sees more national players emerging from acadamies properly financed by clubs, that will be a welcome step back to move forward.

    • All the big clubs are in dire trouble financially hence we will see transfer money drop and wages restricted to a reasonable wage and a lot of players moving elsewhere as the English and Scotts are on the road to disaster.

    • They say Good Guys always win, but I'm afraid this is one example of this definitely not being the case.
      Steve Gibson, recognised as one of the best Chairman in football, who sticks by his managers, through the tough times against fly by night Mike Ashley who buys Newcastle on the premise of making a fast buck.

      Ashley parachutes in Wise and a number of other highly paid wastes of space, alienates a decent manager and insults the fans, renames SJP, promises much in the way of finance and delivers nothing. Along the way he appoints four managers in a season and is rejected by at least as many again and he upsets the clubs icon. His team is relegated, and he offers the club up for sale to anyone who can raise a third of his investment, yet the players stay, the fans by and large stick by their team despite cries of the opposite, and low and behold they are all but promoted by February.
      Gibson on the other hand plays everything with a straight bat, but has to offload players as his personal fortune is obviously depleted. He has to sack a good manager because the gates are dropping despite being in the top three of the league. Boro fans desert in droves, causing even more financial problems. And there is no realistic chance of the playoffs never mind automatic promotion, but Gibson sticks by his club because he is a life long fan and not just a chancer.
      Some times it pays to be an arrogant bastard it seems because good guys don't always win.

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      • Fair comment KHT.
        No-one could hav expected to be where they are now or for the season to have gone as well as it has done/ PURE LUCK! Certainly nothing to do with Ashley's stewardship ofr business acumen.
        But Gibbo seems to be too romantic . He falls for these characters, Robson,Mc Laren, Southgate and then Strachan.
        Really they have done nothing apart from a ride on wave of luck (Robson and McLaren) and when that run's out its belly up.
        The Hull Chairman seems to suffer from the same affliction Phil Brown replaced by Ian Dowie???? What's the thinking process behind this???

        The thinking process behind Strachan is the waffle and the images somebody being succesful in the SPL. (The guy who too West Brom down is going to get runner sup place and place in Europe !! WTF!!
        For my money a decent manager sitting around is Steve Coppel - but you're stuck with GS until the gates start to drop and he get the boot like Darlington after the appointment of International superstar. Liverpool player Steve Staunton

    • Strachan is in long list of bluffers who have made a very good living from the game; See List Below:

      Lawrie McMenemy
      John Gregory
      Sam Allardyce
      Phil Brown
      Terry Butcher
      Gareth Southgate
      Roy Keane
      Steve Bruce
      Alex Mcleish
      David O'Leary
      George Graham
      Paul Ince

      They eventually get found out - but they leave multi millioniares many times over.

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      • Its no the managers its your team that are beyond repair,they have been bummed up season after season and cant play to save thereselfs.The only class players you have are B.Robson,ex Celt.Scott McDonald ex Celt Chris Killin ex Celt and wee wullo Flood ex Celt these are good players but the fanny that brought them to your team Mr hasnt got a clue Strachen the poisened dwarf.He will do his usual stay a season and then fuck off,he,s a waste o space.

    • Spot on,couldn't agree more!