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  • kht20 kht20 Jun 2, 2010 19:25 Flag

    Keith Lamb

    So Keith Lamb has warned the club's players only their hard work and commitment will see them return to the Premier League. Well that includes him and the best way he can do it is to stop meddling with contracts, players etc and stick to bean counting, and stock control of the drinking straws and sugar portions in the bars and cafes in the Riverside. The present position of the club must be down to him in part and just as Southgate should have fallen on his sword, so should he following relegation. You bring nothing to the party Mr Lamb and your inane comments are an insult to players and supporters alike. Comments such as the above are the province of the Chairman, Manager or Team Captain not some calculater pilot who is the luckiest man on Teeside given the current jobless situation there.