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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Sep 12, 2010 16:54 Flag

    GS '09 vs GS. '10

    Ok so we've had a clean out and got a new manager plus back room staff.....and now virtually a complete new squad.....

    However lets look at the league position at end of sept 09 and lets see how we do by the end of sept 10 and tell me if the club has moved forward. What is the long term business plan Mr Gibson at al..?

    Attendances go down typically because of performances and league postion not because of wealth of the areas.

    The measure of the club will effectively be driven by several factors, club financial health, league position, attendance and moral within the club...I for one can not imagine the last item is good, we know hte middle two are going in the wrong direction, I just hope that the press reported financial stories back from 2008 can now be reported in a positive light.

    Mr G Strachan seems to be a very good talker in the lights of the press, but what about in the eyes of his players in the enclosed dressing room.

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    • Strachan is one of the biggest bluffers in the game! And he is being found out again at MBRO (at great cost). He has achieved nothing in his managerial career(Though is massively rich after payoffs from Southampton, Coventry and Celtic) .
      As for his term with Celtic .No one can tell me the SPL is anything other than a pub league.
      He waffles and waffles and tries on the odd bit of bonhomie topped with a load of baloney. He spends 6M on bringing half baked Scottish rejects to the club so it can be no surprise that Mbo are doomed to mediocrity in the championship at best.

      The clock is ticking on Wee Ginger's tenure.