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  • ME ME Sep 15, 2010 04:22 Flag

    Scottish Boro are #$%$ No surpise really!

    Well,what do you expect with a team full of players from a country which has been going through a football crisis since France 1998.
    What the hell was going on when Southgate (1 point off the top) was sacked and replaced by a more experienced but worse manager!
    I suppose this is exactly what most of us knew was going to happen!

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    • Yeah, tell us about it. I really think most Boro supporters welcomed a change when Southgate went, however many, myself included would now gladly take him back with open arms. Its hard to say what would have happened if Southgate had stayed but I cant really imagine he could have done any worse.
      Strachan's time is running out, a lucky win against Burnley has given him some breathing room but if we are to contend for promotion this season things need to be sorted before the end of October for us to have any chance of a playoff position.
      Favourites for promotion , Ha ! I bet the bookies are pi$$ing themselves.