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  • PaulWF PaulWF Apr 21, 2011 08:28 Flag

    What are Boro's Plans for the Future

    Ok, it’s now the 21st April 2011.... the end of another unimpressive season grinds to a close... at the moment I think we are safe from relegation, but we find ourselves 33 points behind the championship leaders.... how can we turn this around next season, to be sitting clear of the rest of the field just like QPR are sitting now...? Over the last few games we have changed things around…. At one point not long ago I could see us heading for division 1, but we are now fighting.... Our team must start to believe in their own abilities first, then they must want to play for Boro... They must find a new hunger for the ball... strikers must be hungry for goals.... defense hungry for possession.... The opposition cannot score if we have the ball.... come on guys.... let’s get a real Positive Mental Attitude and get back to where we belong... The PREMIERSHIP.