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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Apr 20, 2012 22:39 Flag

    Still #$%$ I see.

    Coming from an inbred DOYLUM like you, that's almost amusing!

    You've got to laugh @the Boro - crap town, crap team, crap fans!

    No getting your white socks all in a twist now!!!


    • In a twist...you mean like typing HAHA over and over because I made you look like a knuckle dragging primate once again?
      Or were you laughing at your own humour?
      Well someone has to I suppose.
      Anyway less of that, its good to see someone other than myself on this message board even if it is of the simian variety.
      Righto, I am off for a beer to watch us get stuffed by Southampton.
      Later Jabs.