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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Apr 20, 2012 22:39 Flag

    Still #$%$ I see.

    Coming from an inbred DOYLUM like you, that's almost amusing!

    You've got to laugh @the Boro - crap town, crap team, crap fans!

    No getting your white socks all in a twist now!!!


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    • In a twist...you mean like typing HAHA over and over because I made you look like a knuckle dragging primate once again?
      Or were you laughing at your own humour?
      Well someone has to I suppose.
      Anyway less of that, its good to see someone other than myself on this message board even if it is of the simian variety.
      Righto, I am off for a beer to watch us get stuffed by Southampton.
      Later Jabs.

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      • It's pretty obvious that I was laughing at my own humour, if you hadn't already noticed, I'd started this thread laughing!

        Perhaps I should have realised a bit sooner that a thick inbred smoggy wouldn't have been able to figure that one out for itself?

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA talk about a knuckle dragging primate, you been looking into the mirror again?

        back to the football, now there's the Toon sweeping aside the likes of Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool this season and what have the Boro done?

        NOTHING, they couldn't even make the play-offs!


        Enjoy your Championship mediocrity, with a bit of luck Boro will go another league down next season!

        #$%$ town, #$%$ football club, #$%$ fans = Boro!!!