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  • Paul Paul Dec 17, 2005 07:14 Flag

    We've had the good now the bad and ugly.

    Following posts on the best 11 how about some of the favourite duffers in alphabetical order: -

    1: Joey "I wanna go home to mummy" Beauchamp.
    2: Jeroen Boere... Another 1 min wonder
    3: Marco "I'm not mad, ask my Psyhcyatrist" Boogers
    4: Keith "Balls up" Coleman
    5: Illie "I was #$%$ at Spurs too" Dumitrescu
    6: Peter "Usless" Eustace
    7: Allen "Mctwit" Mcknight
    8: Paulo "I am a superstar (not)" Futre
    9: Emmanuel "Oh #$%$ i played in the league cup for someone else this season" Omoynimi
    10: John "No goals" Radford But scored on debut for next club, Blackburn, I think..
    11: Florin "I'm sorry I forgot about the game I'm out shopping" Raduciou

    There must be loads more but need i go on, must leave room for any posts lol.... Oh the ugly was Ian Dowie before anyone asks...

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