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  • jamies jamies May 15, 2006 16:39 Flag

    Sour Grapes or just a plan ol' simple biased ref?

    I'm fed up already of Liverpool fans congratulating West Ham on how great a final it was..... #$%$ Would you all be saying the same had you lost? I think not.

    It was quite obvious they ref favoured Liverpool. Look at the stats, West Ham apparently fouled 25 times where as Liverpool only 13? If thats not as sign of a biased ref then I dont know what is! Good job he gave Riise that dive otherwise you wouldn't of got that second as well. After the ref swapping fiasco I suppose he felt inclined that he had to favour LFC.

    Dont get me wrong, Liverpool are a great team, take nothing away from Gerrard and Co, I just cant help feeling robbed after out playing LFC for large chunks of the game and some extremly dodgy refing. I would of prefered losing 3-2 than the way it went.

    Sour grapes? More like the same old teams being fixed up to win the silverware again I reckon.

    Oh and on a foot note, does anyone think our players actually practiced penalties before the match?!? That was some of the worst penalty taking I've seen since italia 90!!

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    • Couldn't agree more! If WHU adopted the european style of falling over at every opportunity and crowding the ref maybe we would have had more free kicks.

      It's a sad day when a team suffers for playing entertaining football and being punished by an obviously biased ref. Taking nothing away from LFC (or should that be Gerrard), they know how to take advantage of the ref and they did it well......... sour grapes? I don't think so!

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      • Hmmm, lots to ponder here.....

        I'm 42 been a hammer all my life so here goes.

        Ref wasnt that bad, seen better, seen worse. We had strong periods of the game so did Liverpool, balance of play maybe we just edged it but a draw was fair enough. But we cant have draws in the FA cup, we`ve pandered to the media and everyone else that has "football in their best interests" and done away with the fairer way of a replay. Have a replay and west ham are beaten 3-0, no-one moans, vice versa, no-one moans. The problem here is that if you are going to use penalties to decide the match you might as well do it at the start of the game and waste less time.

        Anyway, well played Liverpool, I'm glad my team were part of what was a fantastic game, proud doesnt begin to explain what I feel of every Hammer player out there on that day.

        One parting shot though, IMHO Gerrard was the major difference between the sides in the end, please, please, please, please, go out and do it in an England shirt next month!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How ever the result had been there would have been comments form either side as to how lucky they were in one aspect or another, all our goals had an element of luck to them and even though we out played LFC for the majority of the game they would have said we were the lucky ones. Personally I'm just proud to be a hammer today and rather than feel bitter would like to congrtulate Pards and the team on a brilliant season and hope the board give him the backing that he deserves, we keep our players, add a couple of new ones and avoid the fiasco when Harry didn't get the backing after getting us into europe

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      • Hi, Everton Fan here. Your side absolutely outplayed the red #$%$ in the final. It was only Friggin' Gerrard who was the difference between the two sides. Make no mistake about it the rest of them #$%$ red pricks were garbage. I was so willing you lot to win but I knew the minute that that tea cosy headed frog #$%$ scored there was nothing down for you.
        I was just getting over last years champions league final and now this!!
        My deepest commiserations go out to you. But, at least it's over for you now, I've got to line in this city. AAAAAAAAAAAARGGGH

    • 25 fouls 13... the reason being that West Ham committed 25 fouls. That simple.

      If you are so worried about bias then why did you not mention disallowing Crouch's goal for offside when the replays clearly showed that he was level with the last man when the ball was played.

      Clearly a case of sour grapes.

    • i wish all the bleating would stop we were beaten and no amount of complaining will change that it just makes us sound like spurs fans

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      • Well said mate.
        You werent cheated, The ref wasnt biased, it just was'nt your day.
        Your team did you proud and yes for long periods of the game you were the better team.
        Before the fluke goal however we were starting to take control of the game.
        Its a shame some fans feel they were cheated. It was an amazing game and yes id have been gutted if we'd lost but i wouldnt be leaving messages about the ref etc.
        Our board was full of Chelsea fans messages identical to these after the semi final, surely West Ham fans dont want to be seen to be the same.
        All hammers fans that ive met have been lovers of the game.
        I can understand you being gutted but am suprised at this over reaction.

      • I can live with being beaten, its just the manner in which we was beaten thats #$%$ me off!

    • Simsie...........wotcha!

      Being a neutral im not sure about the dodgy ref bit as i can t say i noticed, probably my fault.
      The bit he should have clamped down on was Reina coming off his line, thats not allowed and a stronger ref would have said so the first time its done.

      Thats the sad bit for me, he just let em get on with it.
      Personally i wish you'd have stuffed it up the Redshyte.

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      • Hello mate. Seriously, the ref was a scouser in disguise! Cant say I noticed the penalties at the time (I was drunk and the pub was packed!) but it wouldn't of suprised me. To be honest our pen takers were well iffy. Zamora took his with his left foot for some reason, pretty obvious where he was going to place his. As for Konch and Ferdinand, both defenders, not great strikers of the ball and both to inexpearienced for that kind of pressure. Dont know whether Reo-Coker was last on the list of takers but he would of been one of my first choice takers. And why didnt Marlon have one? He was still on the pitch wasn't he?

        Sick as a dog.