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  • A Yahoo! User May 15, 2006 17:44 Flag

    Sour Grapes or just a plan ol' simple biased ref?


    Being a neutral im not sure about the dodgy ref bit as i can t say i noticed, probably my fault.
    The bit he should have clamped down on was Reina coming off his line, thats not allowed and a stronger ref would have said so the first time its done.

    Thats the sad bit for me, he just let em get on with it.
    Personally i wish you'd have stuffed it up the Redshyte.

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    • Hello mate. Seriously, the ref was a scouser in disguise! Cant say I noticed the penalties at the time (I was drunk and the pub was packed!) but it wouldn't of suprised me. To be honest our pen takers were well iffy. Zamora took his with his left foot for some reason, pretty obvious where he was going to place his. As for Konch and Ferdinand, both defenders, not great strikers of the ball and both to inexpearienced for that kind of pressure. Dont know whether Reo-Coker was last on the list of takers but he would of been one of my first choice takers. And why didnt Marlon have one? He was still on the pitch wasn't he?

      Sick as a dog.