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  • MrSly0128 MrSly0128 May 25, 2006 19:09 Flag

    Who thinks,we will finish 5 or above next season ?

    Yeh well looking at what we have done this season.our lads have come a very long way.We all know that all the other team supporters never thought we would get this far.So where do you think we will be at the end of next season?. And who thinks we will do anough to finish in the top 5?. are we going to get to europe?.UP THE IRONS.

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    • Coming from a fellow hammer - i think top 5 + is a tall order. Pardew needs to be bringing in new blood this summer to keep that "unknown" quality we have.

      As for Europe? Why not? I think we'll put 110% into it.

    • I think we were a bit of an unknown quantity this year, next season other teams will have had more of a chance to look at our gameplay and work out better tactics against us.
      Having said that, I still tip us for a top half finish, maybe qualification for Europe by winning the FA cup this time :)

    • You done well last season, but i think you will struggle as predicted last season same with Wigan. You'll do well to get yourself in the Top Half which is possible with a few strong signings.