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  • dax dax Sep 2, 2006 08:39 Flag

    New Signings

    gotta say, I am worried now

    if the 2 argies stay with us for a year, then that means 2 regular players won't play. This is likely to upset the terrific team spirit Pards has built up. Would it be fair to expect those two regulars to warm the bench for a year?
    Secondly, if the takeover rumour is right (which was my thought when the transfers came about), is that going to turn us into a soulless money making regime, with a squad full of mercenaries? (Who said Chelsea?)
    As for Abramovich, thats all rumour spread about by Mancs who are a little bit thick.....
    This all sounds like a deal that facilitates the takeover, no matter what the club are saying