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  • lee lee Sep 29, 2006 06:36 Flag

    Embrassment to English football!

    Well theres goes another famous West Ham adventure into europe. Embarresed on the pitch embarrasing of it.
    You should learn from Spurs fans who did their country proud in Prague on and off the pitch.
    Where all going on a european tour!

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    • congratulations you illiterate tw@... spelt embarrassed, and its variants, wrong three times in one post!!!!

      Spurs, what a sad little lot

      West ham till I die

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      • As an Arsenal supporte, I dont agree with the title of this thread.

        It is hard to come up and do so well immediately in Europe. Everton is another example from last year. It has taken Arsenal a while to finally master the art of playing in European competitions.

        Some people are blaming the new signing - that might be a bit of harsh. It is the job of the manager to manage and find the best team and play the best tactic.

        Having said that, Palermo are a very good side. I doubt West ham would have beaten them even with the usual spirit and team they had last year. *Sad to say that you guys shouldn't have lost the FA cup finals but inexperience at the hoighest level cost you. I think it is the same with the Uefa campaign.

        You shold try and get your PL campaign back on track and concetrate on the Cup competition - I think you can still do well, even with the Argentines.

    • wish you spurs shites would fack off, and take ya gooner and chelsea mates with ya,

    • Yeah, let's just hope it lasts longer than West Ham's time in the Uefa Cup! Oh wait it already has LoL