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  • craig c craig c Oct 6, 2006 04:48 Flag

    get em out

    Argentina coach Alfio Basile believes Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano need to leave West Ham for the sake of their careers......CARLOS TEVEZ AND JAVIER MASCHERANO NEED TO LEAVE WEST HAM FOR THE SAKE OF OUR BELOVED CLUB, WEST HAM UNITED.

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    • Yes I think they should go, sometimes certain personalities upset a working team, and this is what they have done. all be it without intention but it has happened this season and it's all about balance.. Mark from Barking Now In Australia and still a true Hammer through & through.

    • I think they should stay they are both world class players and need time they cant even speak english...tevez is starting to show what a class skillfull playerhe really is and mascherano hasnt got much of a chance yet...hopefully curbs will give both of them a chance

      west ham till i die

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      • Niether of both Alans gave Tevez and Mascherano the chance to show how good football players they are.
        Actually , I ask myself why West Ham bought them .
        Basile is right ! West Ham are ruin them !
        Two great football players sitting in all the games !
        You think that they don´t wanna be in West Ham ?
        You are wrong !
        They were really happy !
        With the money that Tevez is winning he leaved the field before the game end just because he wanted to show you how important is play for him .
        Yeah ! I think they should leave West Ham !
        I hope they can go out soon!

        Everybody knows the truth ...
        West Ham is a small loser team ...
        Tevez and Mascherano are two great players that West ham don´t deserve !

        100% ARGENTO

    • Ok lads and ladettes..as a liverpool fan i tend to have a soft spot for the hammers..not only that but i think we both share a certain hatred for the rest of the clubs too..i have to admitt i was very relieved u guys got the win and i congratulate u ..but i think its time to see where the club is going and what benefits it..i mean when i heard u bought the two argentinians i said thats it they're gonna win it..but its turned ugly...so as some ppl have said get them out for the good of the club..i mean whats the use of having a great player if he isnt benefiting the club and just screwing them over...so i say get em out and good luck to u for the rest of the season ...ynwa

    • Hang about! It's early days. You've got 2 very talented players adjusting to the English game. A bit early to worry.

    • When are West Ham going to realise that nice guys never win? We pride ourselves on being a loyal traditional club, but where has that got us in the past 25 years? We need to be ruthless in the chase for honours. For the first time in ages we have players of true international quality, and not just Tevez and Mascherano. If the players are not motivated, it is Pardew's job to motivate them, or give them the elbow. If he is not strong enough to do either, then I'm sorry, it's ''Thank you for getting us promoted, and to the cup final, but goodbye.'' Lets stop being ''everybody's second favourite team''
      Get rid of Pardew and replace him with a manager with proven calibre, if only for new ideas, and to get the best out of the two Argentinians. Don't be afraid to get rid of the players in the so called cliques either. New Manager, and new motivation, and players that are willing to sweat blood for our club. Get some backbone, with or without Pardew. Stand up and be counted, and get the mentality to finally win something. Up the Hammers....

    • are you guys not the same fans that hailed the argies arrival as the catalyst for a run into the champions league?

    • good shout m8, it was gonna go one of two ways and unfortunately, looks like it's had the wrong effect!! So my opinion is get rid of the outsiders mr. firkin joorabchian (or whatever he's name is ) and let our club do what it does best!! So kia cough and come back when you a real bloke. Failed businessman ain't welcome ta ta!! xx

    • Look I have been a West Ham for 36 years, and I have seen many up's and downs at Upton Park, but to blame this year on new players or a manager is not the answer. The players who we are talking about are the 2 Argentinian players Tevez and Mascherano, well lets explore them, they are considered world class players at thier position, they have suceeded at every club they have played at. Now they come to the Hammers, and we have a language barrier, a completely different style of Football. I think we give them more time, and we shall see that they will become true hammers that are special. The manager Alan has done us proud since joining from Reading, back into the top flight, into Europe, well I think we need to give him our support. If we can hang on a little longer we shall reap the rewards of these signings and AP will develope the team as a unit. NOW THE BOARD AND TAKEOVER IS A COMPLETE FU< AND IS AFFECTING EVERYTHING.

      Hammers forever

    • AP is paid to manage the team no matter where the players come from and he seems out of his depth, bring the best wheeler dealer in the business back, Harry.
      Ron Greenwood, John Lyall, Billy Bonds and Harry breathed West Ham perhaps AP should go back to where he came from.
      A supporter since 1946.

    • Naaa we dont need to get rid of em because they are 2 world class players otherwide they wouldnt being playing for there international side would they there strugling wid summink everyone struggles from from time to time performance... your telling me that koncheskys never had a few bad games harewood gabbidon etc.


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      • your right there mate,the whole lot has had a few bad games,I lost count a few weeks ago,the word team comes to mind.everyone keeps singling players out,its his fault this and that,we need a west ham team that team play and start winning again,last year was the business cos they were greedy,so some carrots need to be waved again.

      • The fact remains you have two "unwanted" players forced into the team by the board. These two players' wages are partly sponsored by their owner, not West Ham. What do you think the rest of the team react to this arrangement? And if AP had all the power to drop playing these 2 fellas, why hasn't he done so already?

        The whole thing is not good for the rest of the team, the club and the fans.

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