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  • Sunglasses_Ron Sunglasses_Ron Nov 3, 2006 03:13 Flag

    so whats the coup then guys?

    Read earlier in the week that west hams take over deal was gonna be settled this wk?? Have I missed something then or was that just the media trying to dig into us again? Cos lets face it they got there noses put out of joint on sunday didn't they?

    Oh and by the way just another example of the bo**ocks they come out with...do you remember summat about teddy going to villa....well just look at the headline now
    "but after the vital 2-1 victory at home to Blackburn Rovers on Sunday, Sheringham was quoted as saying he had considered a move to Villa Park during the summer. Sheringham has now come out to set the record straight however, and says the story was a complete fabrication"

    Good ol' skysports eh?? (thats on there web site by the way).

    Perhaps just another example of media #$%$! just my opinion of course...but like I said in an earlier post chaps, look a bit deeper before you start to believe there #$%$...thats the way rumours start...lol!!!! c yaz all soon...to the pres bo**ocks....to the fans...your good....to the team....we love ya!!!! god is claret...jesus is blue....& I am west ham thru & thru....;-)

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