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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2006 10:35 Flag

    oh dear another three points

    well well looks like we took another three points from the gooners and wenger throws his dummy out the pram again.
    now they have no chance of taking the title
    maybe if they are lucky the might get a UEFA cup place.
    but look on the bright side of things arsenal
    damn would you believe it there isnt one

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    • Hope you enjoy the championship next season

    • o and btw its FatLad not fattie... wot the spelling bit difficult dont worry sound it out there's a gd boy

    • Well my 'insults' in my eyes were messing about but if u wanna take them personal by all means, shows u West Ham fans can give it bout takin points and us throwing toys out of prams but cant take any bk.
      Least gibbo can have a laugh as well as make sum feasible arguement.
      I been a fan since i was bout 6 when i went to me first game.
      West Ham till u die which hopefully wood be sooner rather than later lol

    • oh yes.... and fattie....
      If you don't understand the concept of 'Till I Die', then maybe you ain't such a supporter of the #$%$ that you claim to be.....

      West Ham till I die

    • ok #$%$..
      "another Hammers' Neanderthal supporter" insulting, not playful or mildly teasing....
      " even at the shithole they call Upton Park.".... insulting, inaccurate, not playful or mildly teasing
      "you already shown u an inbreed, knuckle-dragging Hammer's Fan."... insulting etc etc
      fatboy, you are clearly a #$%$, and by your own posted definition of the word banter, have highlighted your lameness. These words should be small enough for you to understand

      West Ham till I die

    • Neanderthal....now coming from a guy who uses a name like that?? bit silly really eh? (but then what else can you expect) obviously more interested in our team than his own..or guiness is it the fact that you know nothing of your own team?
      or perhaps your team have disowned you? The question must be raised, are you a lonely fella? do you have no mates? or are you infact the pie eater who is always alone?
      next time I visit my local I shall keep an eye peeled for any lonely guiness drinking folk who are waffling on about things they have little or no knowledge of, I.E. you and west ham united!! cos I wouldn't mind betting that you are very similar....and as for us being Neanderthal, I bet you are not that far removed from the missing link eh?
      anyway m8 have fun enjoy your next pint....and please go visit your own message board they might let you in?? ttfn ;-)

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      • Lol #$%$ me u fort bout goin in2 stand up u'd make an amazing double act with Alan Carr.
        Yet again another West Ham fan who has nought to contest wot has been said about the football and cant create their own arguement so turns to insults lol.
        In response to ya tripe, its guinness_fatlad because i fort it wood be a random name that nobody else would have when i made the email address, also i often drink Guinness cos its better than lager and im not a lonely fat pie eater i jus call me self FatBob or FatLad, not actually that big.
        If you cant take a little friendly banter then #$%$ off back to bed and dont forget to ask ya mummy permission to stay up so u can watch the second half next time u on tv.

    • Hit a nerve eh?
      Im under no illusions either although we aint that far behind the leaders in the table with a game in hand i cant see us winning much this season we getting used to losing sum of our regulars in Pires, Reyes, Cole, Bergkamp etc. And where are West Ham in Europe and the Carling Cup and in the League... Nuff said.
      But as for Henry being the same as Teddy thats rubbish and u know it. Walcott, Fabregas, Rosicky, Hleb are all very involved in the build up to our goals whereas Teddy has to show your lot how to do it or roll it on to them so they can bundle it into the net.
      And unlike West Ham who blame the manager as soon as they lose a game, Arsenal fans stay true to the team. Thats not sayin u get some people who are glory hunters or idiots leaving cos it happens everywhere even at the shithole they call Upton Park.
      So like u said dont open ya mouth again because you already shown u an inbreed, knuckle-dragging Hammer's Fan.

    • Oh Dear indeed, another Hammers' Neanderthal supporter who believes they gonna stay out of the relegation zone for the rest of the season.
      As a Gooner i gotta say well done. Harewood deserved that goal and more as well. And yer Wenger was sad but jus dont get ya hopes up jus yet. Teddy cant keep goin for ever and once he is gone West Ham will be goin bye bye.
      BTW i fort Pardew's goal celebration was legendary even if Wenger didn't!