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  • Sunglasses_Ron Sunglasses_Ron Nov 18, 2006 05:25 Flag

    what you reckon then guys?

    Well, mr Eggert Magnusson has shown his hand boys. Must admit he sounds more like the type we need making bids for our beloved club, (bit better than the failed israeli anyway). Must say though it's getting a bit nervy now, I know who I would rather have making a substantial bid? What you lot reckon? mr. Magnusson sounds like he really has an interest in the game + of course he is well connected in footballing circles. He also says he will make money available for january etc.... And he is prepared to give up his commitments with the icelandic f.a. to concentrate his energy on west ham....sounds good to me, break with tradition at the boleyn but got a funny feeling it may work? what you reckon guys the "sound " icelander...or the other bloke?

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    • I agree i watched his reaction to the win over sheffield utd yesterday he seems to be passionate enough, it was a well overdue change and i think it will work well. get rid of the two south americans and start building a fresh team to be proud of. COME ON YOU IRONS.

    • I think he takes the biscuit!

    • Well if he means what he says then it can only be good for us. Clearing debts, making money available for transfers and sticking with AP - he sounds like a decent bloke to me.

    • I am an Arseanl fan, personally I think the takeover all sounds like pretty good news for you guys.

      1/ The head of the syndicate understands football.

      2/ His backers are billionaires and whilst I am sure they see this as an investment they are not going to try and load the club with debt.

      3/ They are paying cash and clearing the debts and investing funds for improvements to acedemy and training and I would imagine will back future player purchases ( although I think they are more likely to look to use the excellent kids you have together with a few key signings rather than go down the chelsea route).

      4/ I get the impression they are building for the long term... they'll do what it takes to keep in the prem this year and then build from there as some of the excellent kids you have make progress.

      5/ I don't think west ham will from n ow on be a selling club... you'll still develop great players but will keep those you want... this will have a big effect on the club over the next ten years or so.

      6/ The argies will be gone in Jan and with them gone and the new dela done theres no reason why you guys should not again settle down to being a good unit and have a good remainder of the season ( these things have been more to blame than anyhting else, I don't think the early performance problems can be placed at Pardew's door and in fact hope he stays on. Hes a good manager)

      He's not english but so what I think his hearts in the right place... and to show you how good it could be I for one am worried... Chelsea, Villa now West ham... others will follow... it'll be more difficult for the previous big boys.. Arsenal, man U and Liverpool to those champions league spots booked up and the league will get tougher and tougher.

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      • We have all commented so far about Icelands comments, but lets all remember these are just words!! every1 thought having the two argies would be great, that took a nose dive!! I will be happier when the team and club start seeing results!! But on the whole I would prefer Icelands over well i dont know any Israeli supermarkets!! but u get the point!!

    • We won't be the last to be bought by a billionaire, so it might as well be one who likes his footie (though MU/CFC doing OK for now...). Terry not exactly dynamic for us, so yes, a good thing. What we need now is stability and a steady hand, and AP has done that before. So no Euro or FA adventures this year, but if we stay up then that's another one to stick up those who want us to fail. C'mon!

      PS If Chelsea are Chelski, are we now West Hammuson or something?

    • well Mr mag don't look as slippery as the yid and hes connected so i hope he gets us , and who knows new sponsors next year could be Iceland's ?

      1 happy hammer

    • I have to agree with all of the other comments. Magnusson comes from a footballing background and is prepared to make personal sacrifices to buy West Ham. Of course he is looking to make a profit, that's what businessmen do, but he seems prepared to do it the "correct way" and keep footballing as the heart of the matter.

    • Yes I agree all well on Mr. Eggert Magnusson front he's got the experience and could also have the time to help us develop into the side we strive to be. I think the Israeli is only out for the fast buck and does not have the passion all us west ham supporters have,

      Thick and thin we strive to win!

      The Israeli is all about himself, and I do not agree with that at all. This would not be good for the game and especially west ham.

    • Hi i think that Eggert Magunsson could make West Ham a Champions Lge side.He knows the game well with him being involved with with the Icelantic FA so we know he be well capable of running the club unlike the iranien business man.all West Ham need is 1 or 2 big signings to add to the team because they already have a lot of world class players in team...i give a thumbs up to a takeover