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  • Season of disappointment Season of disappointment Nov 18, 2006 08:55 Flag

    what you reckon then guys?

    Yes I agree all well on Mr. Eggert Magnusson front he's got the experience and could also have the time to help us develop into the side we strive to be. I think the Israeli is only out for the fast buck and does not have the passion all us west ham supporters have,

    Thick and thin we strive to win!

    The Israeli is all about himself, and I do not agree with that at all. This would not be good for the game and especially west ham.

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    • Dumb Duck999 is gay, he does not understand football, what a #$%$! What dress size are you?

    • I am with the concensus. Mr Magnusson is a football person, got the connections, knows the game, is prepared to sever his ties with UEFA and the Icelandic FA, and I think more importantly than all that from our point of view, the money for the takeover is from existing equity and not from loans. When Jorabchian was trying to take us over I was seriously concerned about the direction we would be heading towards. The Icelandic offer does not raise the same concerns with me.

      West Ham till I die