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  • james james Nov 22, 2006 18:02 Flag

    £13m on the table

    Shaun Wright-Phillips would be a great signing to add to our attacking style of play.

    With Deano coming back i think fellow hammers have a lot to look forward too!

    C'mon you Irons!!!

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    • notging wrong with east london fans. your prob a yid, suck out

    • SWP great signing,and with the best english goalkeeper and deano back at christmas... the future is bright,also rumours that west ham are signing Curtis Davies hed be a good young talent to bring in...thats for tevez starting to look like like the player we saw in the world cup-mascherano give the lad a chance he hasnt even been on the bench in recent games give him a few starts .......yhat for donaldduck ive heared more noise out of church then u hear at stamford bridge #$%$

    • No problems ditzo - I was just a bit confused as to what I done wrong :-)

    • Sorry Graeme then I guess its donduck I'm talking to sorry, confussed myself first off, but read the messages again and realised it was donduck making the remarks.

      So sorry Graeme
      and donduck needs to concentrate on his own teams woes and not ours.

    • You've still lost me.
      I have only had a go at one person here, and that is donduck because he is talking utter #$%$ and can't even make his mind up. He says one thing in one post then contradicts himself in another and labels all West Ham fans as #$%$ and says our club is 3rd rate.

      I think you have got confused somewhere along the line. I'm a West Ham fan, have been for years.

    • Sorry I was using bits of your post and others, but the fact remains, worry about your teams problems not ours, unless your an angry hammers fan, but I doubt that.

    • Once again donduck.....you have excelled yourself with your loveable cuddly personality....yes a living, breathing, walking, talking, errm which word best sums you up?? SAP!! I think, (there are other words I could use but, kids sometimes read these boards). Couple of questions for you daffy...were you bullied as a child? (or are you still a child)? Are you still bullied? did you have any friends? if so were they human?
      are you in fact a lonely guy who only spouts a load of #$%$ to get attention? when you go out for a drink is it in the pub? or on a street corner somewhere? (you know strong cider & lots of gob)....sorry just the impression you give.
      Do you ever visit your own teams message board or have they kicked you out for being such a #$%$ do any of them listen to you when (if) you go on there, or do they tell you your talking a lot of drivel? and to pi** off.
      I suppose the point I am trying to make is daf me ol' m8...you don't make any sense, you talk like you are reading from a book, what you have to say nobody really wants to listen to anyway. Is it not possible for you to find some little forum somewhere, where you all sit in a circle and discuss your problems...you know like when you first go, you stand up and say hi I'm dappy...oops daffy and I'm a pratt, and everyone applauds you. Now come on don't you think that would be more your thing, cos footy message boards aren't are they? All you achieve when you come on here is to make yourself look totally foolish, nobody likes you, and they all wish you would just go away.
      Anyway buddy, before this turns into war and peace (thats a book by the way) I'll go and leave you to sit staring into your mirror and wondering why now. ttfn.. and if all else fails dafs....just remember. god is claret...jesus is blue...& I am west ham thru & thru

    • Huh - you lost me there - where did I stereotype anyone?

      I haven't called anyone a bored chav git, I think you have made some mistake there mate!

    • sorry i meant graeme wood, sorry.

    • Hey donduck you have to right to talk about people like that. It's narrow minded people like you that keep the penny throwing in the game, why don't you just accept and leave alone. Not all chavs are bored gits, (in fact most will just leave you alone, if you leave them alone)so stop stero typing.

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