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  • Sunglasses_Ron Sunglasses_Ron Dec 8, 2006 05:47 Flag

    here we go again

    Here we go again then fellas & lasses....another foray into the deepest darkest depths of west ham support.....as stated in an earlier post the time for excuses is over. And the time to stand up and be counted is beckoning. Are the guys up to it? who knows?
    Are they going to surprise us all and win against bolton this w/end? hmmmm now there's a poser for you. Now last season you could sit and look at fixtures all you liked and said to yourself...yeah we're going to win this one, and so they did. This season however if west ham were playing Ashford town (local side) you could not say for deffo weather they would win or not. There seems to be a deep rooted problem there somewhere, and I for one cannot put my finger on it? I think teddy should be starting games rather than being a banker for saving us in the closing minutes of games, it's not happening.
    My one and only thought(obvious I know) is that short of deano who have we actually got that is a regular goal scorer? and on evidence (of last season) and this, other than said deano we ain't got one. Carlton cole I think is along for the ride, (he did actually say in an interview that west ham were a stepping stone to something bigger). Ok....Marlon, (much better than given credit for) and bobby "z" chip in with there quota, nobody can argue that. But are they regular goal scorers? consistent is the word I think I am looking for?
    Yossi ok gets the occasional one (or two) hayden mullins...yeah....lee bowyer hmmm at the moment couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat!! matty....occasionally, and although he did join us later on in the season last year deano...but to my way of thinking he earned he's corn, not only for scoring but as a play maker too.
    Think the point I am trying to make is (sorry very confused by whats happening at mo, can't make head nor tail of it) We need a teddy sheringham on the pitch at the start of a game not coming on when all is lost...and I think when teddy is finally out of puff deano can give that to us...he's that type of player, mr Pardew is taking a major gamble on carlos tevez actually scoring a goal, I know that sounds as though I am having a go at the fella but believe me I ain't I think he to is having to much pressure put on him to score goals, and lets face it it's not happening is it? So let someone with a proven record start games i.e. Teddy get the game sorted and then let the youngsters go and have a play.....Personally I think "a" it takes pressure off tevez (then let him show us what he can do) "b" Teddy can steady the ship if it starts rocking...and lets face it who else (at the moment can we rely on) the guy has been there done it got the tee-shirt, cap and been in the sodding video for feck sake!! Perhaps I am being to critical for my own good but surely we need to start taking games by the scruff of the neck before we experiment with different players?
    The prem is not the place for that when you are in our position, cos it dosen't take any prisoners.
    I think there is still hope for us staying up this season, but it's only gonna happen if they start to get there heads around the fact they are bottom three at the moment. Christ don't I waffle eh?
    sod it!!!! I'm off now......see ya later guys
    keep the faith.
    god is claret...jesus is blue...& I am west ham thru & thru....laterzzzzzzzzzzz..;-)

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    • We came into this season, thinking it will be a stroll.
      I am hurt. jim.

    • now look daffy, think I may have sent you a message last week sometime? You obviously didn't understand what I was trying to say.....maybe you cant read?? thank heaven for spell checkers eh?
      Well let me try to explain in a more condensed manner, you still don't have anything to say that the people on hear want to listen to, so do us all a favour and go find yourself a motorway to play on (marbles in the middle lane would suit you). ta ta for now, oh by the way there's a new web site thats welcoming folk just like you too, give it a go m8...really think you will fit in straight away.
      heres the address for you www.imaprattletmein.com.
      see ya later #$%$.....;-)

    • Well if it were up to me i'd start the game on saturday with harewood and carlton cole because of bolton being such a physical side then with about 15mins to go bring on tevez and sheringham up front so sheringhan well knock on the ball and tevez will run at the defence and wit the new ownwer saying next year he wants us challegeing for championsions lge places u cant ave players like Hayden Mullins and Bobby Zamora they're not up to the standard ew keep playing them we'll be done in the bottom 3 do i know if west ham get back to the way they played last year we can survive..and u feel when tevez gets one he'll go on to score many more before the end of the season

      Come u Irons i believe we can get a result on saturday