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    How long before you get rid?

    Hey up lads.
    Villa fan here.
    How long can you keep Pardew?
    Strikes me as a bloody liability who isn't going to do it for you.
    The press seem to be saying that you're loyal to him, but I doubt it, myself.
    As an outsider, it strikes me bringing in the foreigners has messed things up and totally undermined Pardew. What gives?

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    • hey people i have said it before and i will say it again pards was very good for us and if it was not for him we may not have made last season as good as it was.
      i know we have all said on other messages what the players should be doing but they put there heads down then think it will sort it self out.
      i still say the board had a lot to do with pards going, and that is just my opinion i know but i think we should say thank you. not ponder then get on with what we need to do to finish this season well.
      with ashton due to make his return i feel its looking better for us. i agree get rid of the two arges as they do not work in our style of football one up front does not work i agree but he had to do as his told when he did play back to the old faithfull it got better but the game is changing so do not be supprised if curbs try's somethiing different it may still take some time.

      come on you irons!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pardew is a good manager but his players are a cross between #$%$ poor or just plain useless, 11 footballers are on the pitch between them they must know what to do with out out pardew telling them. the argies dont help matters sell them off in january if anyone wants em Dagenham and Redbridge might be intresested as they have £300 in the transfer kitty and sponsered by a corn beef factory.

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      • again all the talk is of the argies!! sorry i disagree Tevez seems to be the only one lately who is full of running and trying to take people on and be creative!! I was fully impressed with him against Everton!!

        As for Pardew the grey hair seems to be getting thinner!! he has run out of ideas and in the transfer window needs to boost squad numbers!! I think if there is no improvment after some new signings he will be out of a job, which is a shame!! but who will replace him?? SVEN?? OH GREAT!!