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  • west ham v notts forest next season shouldnt be too difficult to get tickets for should it?apparently your new ground is going to be ON the gippo site at hackney marshes

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    • Hey duck your Quakers you know that!
      You come to the site of the hammers fan throw the insults but never really have the effect you want.
      Still it’s almost Christmas I have heard ducks nice with plum sauce and gravy. Complimented with roast tats and all the extras.
      luv ya man!

    • Daffs m8, why don't you go and dip your head under the water. you might see some of your mates eh? you know being as you are a bit of a pond life aren't you....how sad your life must be??? never mind m8, one day soon someone will take sympathy on you and either put you in a nice home for ducks or have you for sunday lunch, that would leave a nasty taste in there mouths though don't you think?

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      • Surprise surprise ducky has something to say again,
        it must be hard foe him at this time of year as were all out with our mates celebrating christmas buying and recieving presents from our loved ones, and the lovely mr duck stuck behind his computer writing #$%$ just for attention in his lonely cold damp bedsit eating his mince pies left over from last year, bar humbug dumfuckduck.

    • Seriously, Mr Duck, What do you have against West Ham?
      You do know that 'HAM' comes from pigs, and not the meat from the Park Paddling Poultry that share your name....? I thought that could have been the source of your deep resentment of my team? Anyway, no matter what you say about West Ham, I have kind of warmed to you, almost like having an immensely irritating little brother who insults you purely for the attention he craves. Besides, your mindless gibbering has kept me entertained on a usually dire monday afternoon. Look after yourself, duckie. Sametime tomorrow?