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  • Season of disappointment Season of disappointment Dec 12, 2006 05:07 Flag

    Bye Bye Pardew!

    why do we always forget the success when the going gets tuff. i think pards is a very good manager unfortunatley alot of the discission had been taken out of his hands the team has been all over the place since the second game of the season, and i think the board are to blame not the manager. the players have also been very disapointing since the effort we put into last season and again we blame the manager. we have done it once we have done it twice and in football it will happen again no doupt but i think it is a mistake. pards has the pasion he proved that with the performance against arsenal. i must say i feel for him he has tried his best, and i for one will miss him i just hope that who ever feels his boots has half the passion and that is all i can say!!!
    we should not look at the past but for the future the players need a kick up the backside and i think this should have been done at the begining of the season perhaps we would not be in this situation again.
    still i love westham and may be talking with my head, but i know in my heart we will keep on even if it takes us a little longer than the chelsea's, liverpools and manu's.