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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 21, 2007 01:07 Flag

    Another blown 3 points

    How do we manage to blow a 2-0 lead! The first goal by Newcastle was offside, and then we seem to always allow a goal at the end of closing minutes , we need better defense, again Mascherano did not play, what the hell is going on that they dont play him? We should of had 6 points the last two weeks and we ended up with two, we need wins dammit!

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    • A blown call and a bad mistake by Boa Morte gave them 2 lucky goals. Guys are playing much better though...I think the bringing in of the new players is having the effect Curbs wanted. Everyone is stepping up and playing tough. I liked the fact that after the first goal we got #$%$ off and showed some emotion. Haven't seen much of that at all this year. Granted we didn't carry that over into the 2nd half but at least some passion was there for a moment. Officially signing Neill should really tighten up the back. Would love to get all 3 points from Liverpool at the end of the month.