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  • woaini woaini Feb 6, 2007 15:43 Flag

    how to get 40 points

    here's the math:
    if you assume that 40 points is safe most years, then we need to find another 20 points in the next 12 games.
    even at my most optimistic, i can't believe we'll get any points in our fixtures against Arsenal, Chelsea or Man Utd (although it would be nice to do the double on them).
    that leaves 20 points from 9 fixtures. six wins and 3 draws would see us home, and although we can afford to drop one draw, we can't afford to win less than six. so where are they gonna come from?
    we've got Spurs, Middlesborough, Chelsea, Everton & Bolton at home. So maybe 2 wins, 2 draws & a loss.
    then we've got Charlton, Blackburn, Arsenal, Sheff, Wigan, Man Utd away. and from this we now need 4 wins and maybe even one draw.
    i'm still a believer. it can still be done.
    but we need to start NOW!!

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    • Morning all-im not a West Ham fan but i spent 4 years at college in London and still have a lot of mates up there who follow your team.Best of luck for todays game i hope the team fight as hard as my mates used to!YNWA

    • Your only hope is for another team to drop points ie Sheffield United, Man City or Wigan. I hope you do stay up but it'll be a hard battle. If you do go down you've got the squad and the cash to bounce back up.

    • My sources tell me that 35/36 points will be enough to stay up this year, but must start tomorrow, anything less than a win and I think that will be it. It will be tough as Watford aren't going to give up without a fight and they have beaten us recently, but I am also still a believer, so C'mon you Irons!!!

    • GREAT POST!!!
      If we attack each match like it's do or die(?)lol We will
      be fine.

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      • With our current for how likely is that?
        We're assuming that the matches against Watford, Charlton, Sheff Utd and Wigan will be the easier matches when it's more than likely they'll be the most difficult as these teams will all be fighting like pit bull terriers to stay up too.
        Anyways if we're docked any points, the FA may as well relegate us now.

      • the only problem is that we are playing #$%$ and hoping over teams get results for as. we have to start win games instead hoping that the overs loss. and stop believe we are to good to go down.

    • I think you have not taken into account the Watford game on Saturday.This is a MUST 3 points.If we don't win this one, you can forget all the others. We will not get 40 points but I think we can get 38 IF we beat Watford.We will need to win 3 more home games (Spurs Boro & Everton are feasible ) and 2 away (any 2 from Charlton, Wigan & Sheff Utd)any other points from any other matches will be a bonus.

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      • You're right: i totally forgot the Watford fixture.
        Still, the essence is still the same - 6 wins, 2 draws gives us 20 more points, so we can only afford to lose 4 more games. Wins against Watford, Charlton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Wigan are all achievable, with Spurs, Bolton and Blackburn the matches where we might get another win and a couple of draws. Everton look tough right now and i don't fancy our chances against Arsenal or Chelsea. Heaven help us if we still need a result on the last day when we face Man Utd.