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  • dax dax Mar 13, 2007 15:11 Flag

    Why do Hammers fan hate Tottenham ?

    Tink, I feel I have to put you right again. Simply cos a group of fans were singing a song containing the wird 'yid', does not mean it is racist. Just so you know, 'yid' is what all fans (even those that support Spurs) refer to Spurs fans as. It was a song aimed at Spurs fans, not the Jewish community. Go to a game, You will even hear Spurs fans have a chant with the word 'yid' in it. That will be all

    West Ham till I die

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    • Well that was a great read all. I don't know about "Hate" between West Ham and Tottenham. To me its just Fans backing there teams, people make things out of nothing ie Greaves in the 60s ect. Makes me laugh when I see the Bobby Moore stand and all that, too think he wanted to leave West Ham and play for tottenham yet had to sign again to West Ham as club would not let him leave and he wanted to play for England in the world cup. I don't know much about football yet unlike tinkelbell I don't pertend too. Who brought the World cup home boys and girls?

      West ham.. West ham forever..

      We may be going down but we be back and thanks to the tottenham fan who also said that.. Cheers, Can't keep a good team down.