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  • bablife bablife Apr 13, 2007 19:42 Flag

    Keep The Faith!

    Six more to go!It has been a pleasure to see 9 points on board.The team is looking good,perhaps too good; dare I add! There is a return to that team spirit, fluency and passion and in combination with belief, expectation I am sure we shall achieve our aim at being within the elite.
    It all start tomorrow with the next game and we need to keep that sense of perspective.
    Let's go Irons go!

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    • Sure is - but that doesn't mean it ain't tough either. Gonna be large tonight, still we always needed to win 18 points at least from the remaining 9 games so nothing has changed since we beat the #$%$. #$%$ or BUST.

    • Its so hard to keep the faith...they let us down so many times.I thought at least we wouldnt have to suffer like the last time we went down...but no its not the west ham way...make us suffer till the last match!!! Over here in the states its tough to watch, but you guys witness it for real every day in london!! How do you do it???

    • what a pleasure to be a WHU fan and god they are doing a great job,comon you irons bloomin blind ref and officials tebez didnt realise you had to rugby player in and a acrobat plus fend off studs up tackles and more in uk
      good on you guy your doing a great job pie and mash on me soon mate, the whole teams got a fight so carry on and do us proud, that free kick made me think wheres beni as hes always their on that line saving face
      well a great job the whole team spirit passion and some say luck but i call it pride and boy where proud of you boys UP THE IRONS YOUR OUR PRIDE OF THAT LOVLEY TOWN

    • what a difference a game makes! Cannot see you pulling out of this one.

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      • It was nice while it lasted, and gave us a bit of hope !
        But when all is said and done this season has been a total let down .
        Don,t get me wrong i,ll still go the game even if we were playing in the rymans sunday league, but i am dissapointed by the lack of effort shown over the season .
        I just cannot see us getting out of it now especially if charlton and wigan get any kind of result today.
        Sorry to be so gloomy but im #$%$ off this morning, i,ll get my head up for everton next week i can,t make the chelsea game . Oh hum.


    • HUMPH.........!!!!!!!!!

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      • Yeah gibbo, HUMPH is putting it mildly. This was a game we needed to win with the teams we have coming up and to be honest I am not surprised, all season long we have struggled against teams we should roll over and although I pray that we somehow can still survive, I'm no longer sure we deserve to with results such as these. I believe we needed to win 4 out of the last 6 to stay up, that has just become 4 out of the last 5 with Chelsea and MU still to play and both of those teams are on fire!! Depressed, you better blooody believe it but always West Ham til I die, so come on and prove me wrong boys and keep us up.

    • who would have thought that losing to the tottscum would be the turning point in our season. when we lost i was sure it was over and we were down. but the oppsite has happened we have gone on a 3 game winning streak and we now have a chance to survive. i cant believe i am going to say this but thank you tottscum you may have kept us in the prem. and you were all happy cos you thought you had sent us down haha guess we get the last laugh.

    • absolutely. i'm sure we've all been glued to the table and doing the maths, but tommorrows game really is key psychologically. if we can get the win then you've got to fancy that we can do it. if we lose though and sheffield u edge further ahead then it could be very tricky!

      knowing west ham we'll lose against sheffield and win against chelsea!!

      i'm sharing your optimism at this stage though and think we can pull it out of the bag so bring it on...